How we work

“Having hosted several prospective ESCOs over the past three years, I can say that you certainly proved yourselves to be a high cut above the milieu.” Craig Zumbrun, Deputy Executive Director, York Housing Authority, York, PA.

CTI serves only small and mid-size Public Housing Authorities

The CTI Executive Team is at your service. Our CEO, COO, and Directors participate in each EPC. CTI’s mission is to help PHA Executive Directors, staff, and commissioners implement Energy Performance Contracts with the least stress possible. Providing Energy Performance Contracts to PHAs is our only business.

Through our careful attention to your PHA’s needs and protocols, we focus on

  1. Our relationship - Getting to know each other and you tell us how you best accomplish projects.

  2. Best solutions – Discovering the most effective solutions to your energy and financial needs.

  3. Transparency - Informing you of all the details you want to know.

  4. Cooperation - Collaborating with you to set construction schedules and sub-contractor hiring.

  5. HUD relations - Helping you with EPC requirements and HUD approvals.

Talk to Housing Authority

We’ll outline all the steps required and hold regular meetings, both construction and administration, to keep you posted on progress. We want to know of any problems as they arise so we can solve them, or help you solve them immediately.

When we work for you, achieving your goals and priorities is our primary objective. We place a premium on cooperation based on giving you the best service we can.


CTI’s goal is to help your PHA optimize its energy and utility efficiencies while maximizing your unrestricted cash flow.

As part of a CTI turnkey EPC, we will recommend several sources of funding so you may make the choice of firm, terms, and interest rates that work best.

The financing firms may include banks, municipal leasing companies, non-profit lenders and broker-managers. Most EPCs are funded through municipal leasing programs. Your local banks can participate in the funding as well as handle the construction funds escrow account. CTI will also help you obtain energy efficiency rebates, utility company rebates and other such forms of funding.

HUD’s Frozen Rolling Base incentive allows PHAs to maintain up to 25% of the dollar savings for the length of the contract. CTI will structure your energy conservation measures and financing to optimize energy savings and unrestricted funds.

This chart shows how the use of the energy savings is typically distributed using the Frozen Rolling Base incentive. 80% of the savings goes to debt service, 20% stays with the PHA as unrestricted funds. For example, if your savings is $150,000 annually, you would be able to keep about $30,000 in your PHA.

CTI Work

Local Jobs, Minority and Women Owned Businesses, Section 3

During the contractor selection phase, CTI will make every effort to engage local and regional engineers, contractors, and labor. Based on the highest quality of work, legal and safety requirements, priority consideration will go to minority- and women-owned businesses.

You will have the ability to participate in the competitive bidding and selection of all construction subcontractors. None of CTI expenses and/or overhead will be included in any way as part of the construction bids.

CTI will work with you to find appropriate employment for residents of your PHA during the EPC.

CTI Working

Transparency in costs, pricing and communications

All of our quotes, costs, fees, and pricing will be open to your examination. Hard costs, soft costs, fees, overheads and profits will be allocated according to HUD definitions.

Unlike many larger ESCOs, CTI does not attempt to enhance our cash flows by adding storage fees, servicing contracts or other hidden costs and fees to burden the project. Everything we do is above board and open to your oversight.

Since your PHA and CTI have the same objectives and will perform as a team, it is logical that openness and transparency will rule communications. Problems will be approached as opportunities for solutions, and obstacles worked through according to decisions by the team.

Our Openness

CTI has no equipment or supplier bias

We manufacture no equipment and have no vested interest in any vendor or service contract. We may have preferences for certain types of equipment that have proven to be highly effective ECMs, but we will not insist on them should you or HUD suggest equally proficient equipment. As part of its turnkey EPC, CTI offers its expertise in evaluating and choosing equipment, contractors and other vendors. If you wish, we will facilitate contracting for preventative and emergency maintenance and servicing of installed equipment through contractors that will not overly burden the energy savings.