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“Energy savings ensures our future.”
Richard Santangelo, HUD Special Advisor on Energy

Sustainability is defined as meeting our current energy and natural resources needs while assuring that the needs of future generations will be met. CTI is dedicated to the ideals of sustainability and the practice of sustainable energy conservation.

CTI’s purpose is to help small and mid-sized Public Housing Authorities significantly reduce water, oil, natural gas, and electricity use. We do this by installing modern energy efficient technologies in PHA residences. The best way for a PHA to achieve sustainable energy savings is through an Energy Performance Contract (EPC).

What is Energy Performance Contracting?

According to HUD, “Energy Performance Contracting is a financing technique that uses costs savings from reduced energy consumption to pay the cost of installing the Energy Conservation Measures.”

With your guidance as to what works best for your PHA, CTI handles all the details of an EPC: We coordinate the energy audit, bring financing options, manage the construction, train your staff, board and residents, and guarantee your savings.

CTI specializes in working with small and mid-sized Public Housing Authorities on EPCs that larger energy service companies won’t touch.

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5 top values you receive with an EPC by CTI

  1. Modernization improves tenant comfort and safety.

  2. Improve cash flow.

  3. Energy savings pay back the finance costs and increase operating funds.

  4. Energy efficiency technologies enhance your long-term property values.

  5. Your entire community benefits from your improved properties and reduced emissions.

Financial benefits of an EPC

  • Unrestricted positive cash flow.

  • No upfront capital costs to you.

  • No new expenses.

  • Often reduced maintenance costs.

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CTI offers a Qualifying Review of your facilities for their EPC potential, with no obligation. The Qualifying Review will outline your potential energy savings measures, your estimated savings, the estimated project cost, the positive environmental impact and the steps involved in an EPC. Please call us and we’ll respond quickly with a visit.

For your EPC, CTI will tailor a comprehensive set of Energy Conservation Measures to fit your PHA’s particular savings needs. They may include

  • Lighting.

  • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

  • Control systems.

  • Building envelope improvements - insulation, roofs, windows, etc.

  • Water and sewer – metering and use reduction.

  • Renewables.

  • Sustainable materials and operations.

  • Demand Response.

  • Cogeneration and Combined Heat and Power.

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CTI continually discovers new and more efficient energy technologies that may be right for your PHA. in response to customer requests, we can add new measures to your EPC, but they must provide adequate energy savings and payback.

One of our PHA customers had so many energy savings, we could install much-needed elevators even though the financial payback for the elevators was nearly 200 years.

Grants and utilities rebates often contribute to EPC financing. HUD allows these funds to be used to finance construction or equipment that doesn’t yield energy savings, but is an integral part of the project. For example, removal of old equipment or reinforcements of roofs for solar installations. PHAs may also elect to retain the grants or rebates to supplement their operating funds.

Up to 40% savings with CTI’s Turnkey Energy Performance Services

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HUD Support

HUD supports EPC projects by providing you with a Frozen Rolling Base utility allowance that covers your utility expenses and debt service. The Frozen Rolling Base lasts for the length of the contract. Dollar savings beyond installation costs flow to your PHA's operating fund for unrestricted use.

If you’d like to review the official HUD EPC program, here is the link to the official HUD Energy Performance Contracting page: http://www.hud.gov/offices/pih/programs/ph/phecc/eperformance.cfm

CTI’s ongoing services

  • Problem-solving should warranteed equipment function improperly.
  • Brainstorming about future energy savings or renewable energy projects.
  • Sharing information about new technologies you may wish to explore.
  • Developing and implementing HUD-approved Phase 2 of the original EPC.


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