Craig Meadows, CEM


Craig’s pioneering 30 years in the energy conservation industry includes having owned an energy auditing and design firm with more than 100 public housing authorities, numerous federal and commercial buildings, hospitals, and schools as clients. He has held management positions with major international Energy Services firms. With advanced creativity and problem-solving skills, Craig will be your EPC and ESPC team leader
413 548 8814


Thomas Timmins

Chief Operating Officer

Tom brings three decades of top management in finance, sales, marketing, and operations of manufacturing and service companies and 501(c)3 organizations. Tom manages finance, marketing, and operations for CTI and works with your financial team. He makes CTI’s financial expertise available to you as you choose the most effective financing for your EPC and ESPC.
413 548 8814


Gordon Meadows

Business Development Manager

With ten years of experience in sales, customer relations, and management, Gordon brings a unique approach to CTI’s business development. Gordon will work with you from the very first meeting to build trust in your project through the education of everyone on your team—from your executives and management staff to your board of directors. When you are confident and excited about your EPC, Gordon will help you move it to a successful conclusion.
Cell 413 230 0102


Joseph Timmins

Business Development Federal Projects

Joseph brings two decades of experience in organizational development, relationship management, and professional training in the fields of business and education. He is a certified Executive Coach who has worked and lived in five countries, training Air Traffic Controllers in government-sponsored programs to meet the UN's ICAO international standards. Joe will help you move your federal ESPC to sustainable savings and long term carbon emissions reduction.
Cell 646 717 2002


Patrick Arthur, CEM, LEED AP

Senior Engineer, Project Manager

Patrick offers twenty years experience in buildings’ energy efficiency analysis, engineering, costing, and project management. He brings HVAC design, energy auditing and project conceptualizing skills to CTI customers for their residential and business buildings in support of their EPC goals. Patrick’s mechanical engineering and energy auditing skills will help optimize your utility cost savings.  


Ann Flynn

Office Manager

Ann brings more than twenty years experience in financial management and bookkeeping to your EPC. Ann has managed bookkeeping and office functions for large and small companies in a wide range of industries and for a federal agency. Ann manages EPC invoicing, progress payments to vendors, and oversees supporting documentation as required by governmental agencies. 


Barry Simon, PE

Energy Engineer

Barry, former head of Energy Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, has analyzed, redesigned and re-commissioned building energy systems for numerous high profile private clients and the U.S. Department of Energy across the country. Barry has provided energy consulting and commissioning services for projects that include the US Capitol, the Smithsonian Institute, and office buildings for Government Services Agency and the Veterans Administration throughout the country.


Robert Griffiths, PE

Design and Commissioning Engineer

Bob has twenty years experience in project design and commissioning of energy efficiency, fire safety, HVAC, and plumbing installations. Bob’s clients include a wide range of federal, municipal, and medical buildings. As part of the Energy Savings Expert Team of the Federal Energy Management Program, Bob has helped improve the energy efficiency of dozens of federal buildings.


Sarah Morton, PE, LEED AP

Vice President of Engineering

With more than 20 years of HVAC design experience, Sarah is well-versed in all aspects of sustainable building design and renewable energy technologies. She brings you a project portfolio that includes government facilities, telecommunications, commercial offices, schools, higher education, museums and retail clients.


Michael Russell

Construction Manager

Mike offers more than twenty five years experience in construction and construction management of commercial and residential buildings. In his last three years with CTI, Mike has managed construction of four EPCs for hundreds of residential units. He offers you special expertise in energy efficiency installations in public housing. Mike brings you communication skills to assure the smooth running of your EPC construction project.


Salvatore D’Iorio

Construction Manager

Sal manages complex commercial, residential, and industrial installations for CTI’s governmental and private customers. His career has included international project management for innovative energy production and savings installations. Sal offers you in-depth knowledge and control of the entire process of energy efficiency, from design to vendor selection, through construction management to staff and resident relations, ending with the successful completion of your EPC project.